Free Whitepaper: Brexit and Biotech

Since Friday, January 31 2020, the UK is no longer a member of the European Union. Since many companies performing biotech clinical studies in the EU rely on third-party vendors and external consultants based in the UK, Brexit has a dramatic effect on the testing ecosystem in Europe.

In our free whitepaper, Brexit and Biotech: Clinical Trial Solutions to Overcome the Uncertainty of Changing Regulations, we provide history and context for the UK’s departure. We also look more carefully at Brexit’s impact, including:

  • A possible shortage of Qualified Persons (QPs) in the EU, since so many of the current QPs are based in the UK 
  • How regulatory and tax changes may affect the biotechnology clinical supply chain

Ensuring that your clinical trials are Brexit-proof has never been more important.

Find out what Brexit means to your current and future clinical trials, and what you need to do to manage the impact.

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