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At CSM we innovate to make clinical trials more efficient and reliable with specialized service solutions like Direct-to-Patient (DtP), which is an exciting and novel approach to the clinical supply shipping process. The program, which provides a highly customizable solution per patient and per protocol, helps reduce the number of patient dropouts and the overall cost of a study.

What is it like to be part of a DtP project at CSM? In this article, project manager Kelsey Mollet, who joined CSM in 2014, reflects on the impact of the highly effective service and why one project in particular struck a chord.

Kelsey, you are involved in many interesting and important studies that make a real difference. What does bringing an innovative service to the client mean to you?

The fact that most of the trials we work on are confidential makes it hard to share any specifics, but that also implies that we are involved with projects that have the potential to change lives. Our industry is all about innovation. Our clients are always working on improving drugs or creating new ones to enhance the lives of people who are affected by a disease or ailment, and we at CSM are constantly innovating to help those patients receive the treatment that could make their life better.

Every study is unique, but sometimes you get more involved. I recently worked on a trial for an at home treatment option, which is designed to significantly improve the patient experience.

Why did this study in particular strike a chord?

I have a grandpa who is getting a similar treatment and he has to drive almost an hour each way to the doctor three times a week. If this at home option can be made available to most people in the future, I think it will be incredible and I am proud to have been a part of it.

How did you help the trial happen?

I got involved at the stage where the products needed to be ready to be shipped as soon as possible. We created an individual logistics plan for each patient location to ensure smooth delivery and compliance.

We have worked tirelessly to provide first-rate Direct-to-Patient logistics services to clients in different countries, so we have the experience and expertise needed to act fast and make the trial a success.

What difference did it make to the patients?

This was a very important and fascinating study. This trial makes treatment easier and more convenient for patients, as it weighs less and is easier to manage.

Our Direct-to-Patient logistics pre-planning ensures that the products are delivered at the right temperature and within the right guidelines. This is essential for the integrity of the trial, and most importantly, the well-being of the patients.

Has it had an impact on you?

Working on this study has been emotional for several reasons, including the personal aspect with my grandpa. It has also been a great learning experience thanks to the partnership between the study organizers and CSM. While we still have occasional issues, both parties have been very open about what each of us needs and we have worked closely together to find the best solutions that enable us to reach our goals.

It is very exciting to be a part of something life and industry changing.


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