CSM's Facility now certified by TSA

New Certification Allows for a Smoother Supply Chain Process for Clients of CSM

CSM Facility Exterior

October 23, 2014—In a major step to mitigate risk for its clients, CSM recently completed a yearlong process to become a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This certification means that CSM can guarantee the integrity of shipments throughout the entire supply chain process.

TSA has strict inspection requirements, which can pose possible delays or damages to shipments. "Many of our clients ship products that are temperature-controlled and we follow a strict process to ensure the integrity of those products is not compromised," says Bob Albanese, Vice President of Operations at CSM. "Sometimes even opening a package for a minute puts a product at risk. Some products can't take any spike in temperature, for example. And once opened, it's impossible to know that the agent will re-seal it adequately."

The CCSF certification allows CSM to do its own inspection and close these packages with a special seal that the TSA recognizes, certifying CSM had control of the package the entire time—from CSM's facility to the plane.

After several site inspections and background checks on personnel, CSM passed all TSA requirements. The new certification adds an additional step to CSM's already rigorous distribution process. "We're offering this service in response to our clients' needs and to ensure their products are not compromised," Albanese says.

All major airlines support this TSA initiative — which has minimized screening backups at airports — because they know that all Certified Cargo Screening Facilities meet the TSA's stringent security requirements. The TSA makes regularly scheduled, as well as surprise, visits to all CCSF facilities throughout the year to ensure compliance.