CSM recognized as Top 10 Clinical Trial Management Consulting/ Service Companies in Europe – 2019

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"The digital future of clinical trial management is here. The deluge of novel technologies and the latest discoveries in biological sciences are driving innovations in different areas of drug discovery. However, several challenges are still unmet. Especially, as organizations try to upgrade their drug development processes with technological innovations, there is a rising need to optimally manage the clinical resources at a fundamental level. While a multitude of companies are cementing their mission and vision around optimized clinical supply management, one company that changes the equation like no other with its customized clinical supply management services is CSM, a Clinigen Company.

“What helps CSM take up such challenging clinical supply chain management projects is its over two decades of experience in the international drug development processes and regulatory norms.”
Rüdiger Weber, EU President 


If one is to define the true capabilities of CSM clearly, its recent partnership with a clinical drug trial sponsor would be a fitting testament. Before joining hands with CSM, the trial sponsor was striving for operational excellence for an incredibly complicated clinical trial. Patients who participated in the trial needed to adhere strictly to a defined dosage, which required them to administer their doses three times a day, for 14 consecutive days. Besides, the intricacy of the drug required it to be reconstituted no more than 48 hours before dosing to retain its efficacy. Evidently, the trial sponsor needed a smart and accurate clinical supply chain management in addition to detailed monitoring, precise planning, and coordination between all the involved parties. Once CSM was onboarded, they worked alongside the sponsor to prepare new batches of the specific drug for daily shipment along with personalized logistics plans for each patient. Further, CSM devised a custom shipping method for uninterrupted and timely Direct-to-Patient delivery combining flights with on-ground courier services.”

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