CSM Brussels Completes Official Name Change

B&C Group sa is now officially Clinical Supplies Management Europe sa

March 7, 2017 - Clinical Supplies Management ("CSM") is happy and proud to announce that B&C Group sa is now officially Clinical Supplies Management Europe sa. After last month's acquisition of B&C, CSM had officially received the authorization for the name change by the Belgian competent authorities (notary office).

Important Note to Our Customers with Ongoing Clinical Trials
For our customers who have ongoing clinical trials with B&C Group sa implicating one or several services related to investigational medicinal products, we inform you that we are starting the process with the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products to obtain our updated authorizations and GMP certificate. These documents will be updated to change only the name of the company and nothing else. During this transition period, we recommend you to contact your local competent authorities to identify if this change of name is or isn't a substantial amendment to your CTA. If the answer is yes, please contact your CSM Project Manager and you will receive our updated authorizations as soon as they are available. If you have a regulatory question, please contact our Director of Quality Unit, France De Smedt by email: fdesmedt@csmondemand.com. 

CSM Expands Its Offerings and Capabilities with Its Recent Acquisition
This is exciting news as it opens up many new possibilities in clinical supplies and biomedical sample management services. CSM now has three full service facilities in the United States and two in Europe. CSM has the global footprint and flexibility to meet the needs of all drug trials regardless of size and scope, from Phase I all the way through to large Phase IV projects.

CSM became the only global company truly focused on clinical trial supplies services. We are not too small or ill-equipped. We are not too big or unfocused. We are CSM.

CSM is agile by design. With 250 employees spread over five sites and with our own proprietary ERP system, tools, and IT specialists, we are big enough to handle the largest global projects, but small enough to still be nimble and quick.

CSM brings value through efficiency and innovation. CSM innovates to make CTS more efficient and reliable with specialized services, such as Investigator Initiated Study Interchange, On-Demand Packaging and Labeling, Direct-to-Patient Services, EU Release, and Biomedical Sample Management. As a result, we can be faster, better, and more cost efficient in bringing medicines to patients; thereby, ensuring that our clients are successful in their clinical trial developments.

CSM will make sure that our clients continue to enjoy our customer-centric approach, revolutionary processes, and state-of-the-art clinical services so that they can take advantage of increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved outcomes for clinical trials.