Article in GEN Magazine: CSM Biological Sample Management

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Safe storage of biological samples is a cornerstone of successful research projects and clinical trials. However, challenges abound in keeping samples safe, properly preserved, and organized. Biorepository companies work with customers to help alleviate some of those concerns, and Clinical Supplies Management (CSM) has spent the last two decades partnering with research groups that want peace of mind when it comes to storing their irreplaceable biological samples.

With customers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academia, what sets CSM apart is its ability to flexibly respond to customers’ needs, according to Michael Duda, vice president of U.S. Biomedical Management Services. He says this “goes above and beyond moving samples around.” David Fontaine, vice president of sales and marketing at CSM, adds that “CSM has developed innovative strategies and unique solutions that insure sample safety and have resulted in a stellar record in sample management.” 

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Customer Testimonial

“CSM is IAVI’s go-to vendor for GMP storage of cell banks, virus banks, drug substances, drug products, and reagents. We like working with CSM because it is a reliable one-stop shop for all of our clinical supply chain and biorepository needs. We value the relationship we have built with CSM over time and find its customer service to be excellent.”

—Kristen Syvertsen, associate director, Vaccine Production, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI).

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