On-Demand Innovation

Revolutionize the Way You Manage Your Supply Chain

We recognize the packaging and labeling obstacles you face, from time constraints to study changes that cause re-work and waste. With the On-Demand method, you are able to shorten timelines, reduce costs and increase the flexibility of your study.

On-Demand focuses on actual enrollment, allowing your company to start a clinical trial in just a few weeks. On-Demand is the packaging and labeling of clinical supplies specifically for each shipment request. Additionally, these shipment requests will be processed within our normal 48 hour timeline for all shipment requests.

Our On-Demand services include bottling, patient kit assembly and label application. Like traditional packaging and labeling, On-Demand is performed under cGMP conditions and diligently follows the requirements of 21 CFR 211 and Annex 13.


"In a recent trial we experienced an unforeseen challenge: Our labels had to be reprinted and we were worried that this would push back our delivery to sites by at least 3 weeks. But thanks to CSM and their On-Demand process we were back on track within 48 hours."

Project Manager Operations, FUJIFILM Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc

How On-Demand Works:



  1. Request -An IWR/IVR requests specific kits/blocks via fax or e-mail. We can also customize this process in the event you aren't using an IWR/IVR.
  2. Dispense - The requested kits are packaged and labeled upon receipt of the request under cGMP conditions and are 200% checked for accuracy before release with an additional 100% oversight and final release by Quality Control.
  3. Ship – Within 48 hours of Request, CTM is shipped overnight to study sites in a protocol specific pack out.


The On-Demand Difference:

  • Provides Flexibility for use of Products
  • Adapts Easily to changes and Eliminate Re-Work
  • Reduce Drug Waste
  • Eliminates Need for Packaging Campaigns
  • Accommodates Change with Quick Turnaround
  • Reduces Storage and Inventory
  • Makes Adaptive Trials Possible