Packaging and Labeling

Whatever your packaging needs are, CSM has the flexibility and tools to handle your Phase I to Phase IV projects. With client input we configure the most cost-effective and patient-compliant methods, while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

On-Demand Packaging and Labeling
If your study involves a short timeline or complex supply chain, then On-Demand offers a new level of flexibility for your study.
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Traditional Packaging and Labeling
The CSM team can provide a variety traditional packaging and labeling methods to accommodate your study-specific needs.
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"I've found things go smoother with CSM than any other distributor whom I've worked with. I've commended potential clients when they have indicated their intention to use CSM for their projects. Thanks for providing me with reasons to recommend CSM and being both easy to work with and responsive."

Service Leader, Randomization Systems, CRO