Project Management

Ensuring Efficiency and Success with Each Project

We treat every customer as a partner, guiding them through day-to-day steps while ensuring success along the way. Our experienced global project management team oversees your entire study from start to finish, providing exceptional service and quick turn-around times.

CSM brings a high-level of expertise to each project, ensuring we apply the best methods and concepts to your specific study. Our client-focused management approach allows CSM to have the flexibility and stability to adapt our services as your study changes.

Project Management Services:

  • IVRS/IWRS Management
  • Logistics Planning
    • Global Distribution and Importation
    • Cold Chain
  • Inventory Control
  • Controlled Substance Handling
  • Packaging and Labeling Operation
  • Project Budgeting
  • Returns, Reconciliation and Destruction

Your CSM team also includes a backup project manager who can seamlessly take control of your project if the lead project manager is unavailable.


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“Many thanks to our project manager and the entire crew at CSM for all your help during this study drug lot exchange for our immunology study.”

Clinical Research Associate, Global Pharmaceutical Company