Controlled Drug Services

Maintain a Safe, Efficient and Compliant Study

Given the rigorous rules and regulations around handling controlled drugs, careful planning is needed to ensure compliance. To ensure your clinical trial goes smoothly, CSM® provides secure controlled drug handling with a focus on patient safety.

To help our clients with their specific controlled drug needs, CSM holds five DEA registrations: manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributor and retail pharmacy. We successfully complete annual DEA regulatory audits and all CSM employees are cleared by the DEA, allowing the highest level of quality and safety when handling your supplies.

Our Capabilities:

  • Registered Controlled Drug Handling (CII – CV)
    • CI Drug Products upon request
  • DEA Vault, Safe and Cage
    • Temperatures: Controlled Room, Refrigerated and Frozen
  • Global Distribution of Controlled Drugs
  • Import of Controlled Drugs
  • Qualified Person (QP) Release
  • Returns and Destruction

Controlled drugs always make the clinical supply chain more complex; CSM can help ensure safety and compliance during each step so your clinical trial goes smoothly.

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““I’ve found things go smoother with CSM than any other distributor whom I’ve worked with. I’ve commended potential clients when they have indicated their intention to use CSM for their projects. Thanks for providing me with reasons to recommend CSM and being both easy to work with and responsive.””

Service Leader, Randomization Systems, CRO