Speak with a Biological Sample Management Expert


During your no-cost consultation you can expect to discuss:

  • Your Clinical Trial's Biological Sample Collection Needs

    We will begin by asking you to describe your specific biological sample management needs and then discuss optimal solutions to ensure quality and regulatory requirements are met. Through our 18+ years of experience managing biostorage, we can quickly and easily deliver our expertise in order to manage your samples efficiently and effectively.  We are highly specialized in our niche segment – biological sample management – and we're committed to managing and securing your inventory as if it was our own study samples.
  • How We Handle Change

    CSM’s services optimize both costs and the required quality of your biological samples. While biospecimen management during clinical trials can be exacting and difficult, there are plenty of ways to surmount these obstacles. We commit to ensuring regulatory compliance, quality, and secure sample integrity through every phase of your trial by offering the best storage conditions at various temperatures including cryostorage.

    By remaining your sole point of contact every step of the way, we see our services as an extension of your own operation and storage needs by avoiding higher costs, missing samples or data, patient drop-off and other preventable problems. We take the worry and stress out of sample management.

  • Storage, Packaging, and Shipping Solutions:

    During your free consultation, you can anticipate flexible handling, transport and storage options through our real-time storage, shipment and destruction services. Through regulatory compliance and strategic collaboration centered around guaranteeing the integrity and quality of your biological samples, it is essential to provide the correct management of your specimens. We understand how valuable your biological sample management needs are to your clinical trial. We act as an extension to your trial's operational and storage needs in order to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.


  • Our Commitment to Quality Product and Valuable Service 

    CSM is here to support you and your team, no matter what. We promise your pride is our pride too when we see your needs met and the success of your clinical trial through our valuable and professional, cost-effective sample management services. You have 24/7 access to your global studies through our tracking and temperature monitoring software, keeping you apprised of any potential deviations. Our attention to detail will surpass all expectations you have, providing expert sample management that only produces reliable and quality storage service.