Biological Sample logistics services

CSM offers biological sample and pharma logistics services to our clients to optimize both the costs and to maintain the required quality of the necessary biomedical services and supplies. We act as your broker; coordinating biological sample collection services before, during, and after your clinical trial.

CSM understands that the correct handling, transport, and storage is critical to preserving the integrity and quality of your clinical trial biospecimens. Biological samples often require specific conditions (such as the correct temperature) and time can be an essential factor when samples need to be analyzed directly following their collection. Therefore, a documented chain of custody means complete traceability is required of each biospecimen tube between the physical taking of the sample and awaiting the associated results. Especially in the screening phase, the timely analysis of biological samples is crucial to the progress of your clinical trial.

Depending on the properties of your clinical trial, we can offer to select and coordinate one or more transport providers for the same clinical trial (integrated and specialist delivery services) while remaining the sole point of contact. This allows us to meet the specific transport needs for your samples, further supporting the clinical trial supply chain.


CSM Differentiators: 


  • Customized real-time or consolidated transport
  • Tracking and tracing of shipments
  • Cooperation with established global and local courier companies
  • Coordination of dry ice for sites with specialty couriers


Biological Sample Coordination, Collection, and Logistics


In light of the constant increase in the volume of biological samples collected during clinical trials, CSM offers a biomedical logistics strategy that specializes in tailoring a solution to the specific needs and challenges of the client’s clinical trial. We understand the biggest challenges our clients face in terms of clinical trial management. This is why biospecimens must include the proper methods of collection, preparation, and shipment for the required samples at the required time points and in the required conditions.

Through regulatory compliance and strategic collaboration centered around guaranteeing the integrity and quality of your biological samples, we ensure the correct coordination, collection and logistical solutions for your specimens. Your biological sample management needs are a critical part of your clinical trial. CSM honors the value they hold within your study by providing clear instructions, complete traceability of all samples, and aliquots in a way that guarantees the correct identification of your biospecimens on an individual basis.

Additionally, CSM provides a globalized list of all the aliquots generated on different sites during your clinical trial and the consolidation and verification of the data associated with that list of aliquots. We organize quality transportation and ensure safe storage of biological samples through pre-defined packaging and temperature conditions. We also manage the dispatch of samples to their predetermined locations (such as analytical labs and storage facilities). 

Our management process follows all good clinical laboratory practice (GCLP) requirements.


CSM's Biological Sample Logistics Track Record

  • Each month we receive over 100 sample shipments from clinical sites and central laboratories worldwide
  • Over 450,000 biological sampling kits assembled since 2015, with only 0.002% incidents/deviations
  • Over 1,800,000 samples stored
  • Over 750 clinical trials involving kits shipped to 86 countries worldwide since 2005
  • 150 freezers at dedicated BSM sites in the US and EU


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“Thank you for your reliability and the many years of outstanding service. We trust that our upcoming studies will be in the best hands with CSM!”

Head of Clinical Operations, Pharmaceutical company specialised in treatments for orphan diseases