Biological Sample management services

Discover unique methodologies and processes for CSM's biomedical supply management services. With over 19 years of experience in biological sample management, CSM’s pioneer services reduce costs while maintaining the required quality of your biological samples.

While biospecimen management during clinical trials can be exacting and difficult, there are plenty of ways to surmount these obstacles. The correct clinical trial data management of your biological samples is essential to guarantee their integrity and quality.

CSM’s agile team of logistics experts proudly offer efficient biological sample management solutions that meet the specific needs of your clinical study. Our highly-trained staff has competently served clients in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and central laboratories; additionally, we have assembled over 450.000 patient collection kits across 750-plus clinical studies.


Biological Sample Management Services


CSM provides a flexible, integrated solution that includes the design of collection kits and tube labels; organizing the transport of kits and samples; storing the biological samples in our biorepository, and establishing a complete and verified list of stored biological samples.

We commit to ensuring regulatory compliance, quality, and sample integrity by offering the best storage conditions at various temperatures, including cryostorage, for different phases of your clinical trials. By remaining your sole point of contact every step of the way – we see our biological sample logistic services as the extension of your own operation and your biospecimen-storage needs. By efficiently managing costs, avoiding missing samples or data, patient drop-off, and other preventable problems, we take the worry and stress out of biological sample management.


Read our Case Study about Biological Sample Management for more information about clinical sample logistics, specifically regarding the multi-center study atmosphere, for more in-depth details about our biological logistic processes and solutions.


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“I would like to express our sincere thanks to your team for the extraordinary work and dedication. We would not have been able to meet our clinical program goal without CSM’s heroic effort.”

Vice President of Technical Operations, BioPharma Company