ABOUT US: innovative global clinical supply management solutions

Since 1997, our revolutionary customer-centric approach provides innovative solutions to meet the complex clinical supply challenges that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face. CSM is committed to the advancement of your clinical trials; over 50% of the trials we support are multi-national. CSM manages the clinical supply chain for hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, providing services that keep clinical trials on time and on budget regardless of their size and scope.

In addition to offering a full suite of cGMP-compliant services, our specialist capabilities are now combined with Clinigen’s supply & distribution network. Our processes make for state-of-the-art clinical services that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for clinical trials, continually delivering quality supplies to clinical sites and patients around the world.

Some of our main clinical services include packaging and labeling, storage and global distribution, biological sample management, controlled drug services, clinical supplies consulting, returns, reconciliation and destruction. In 2001, we introduced the On-Demand platform, a new way of packaging and labeling clinical trial materials (CTM) for a specific subject or block of subjects upon request. CSM has pioneered the Direct-to-Patient service; a highly customizable solution catered per the patient, per protocol.


Strategic Partnerships


In 2018, CSM was acquired by Clinigen.

This gives our customers the choice of a combined end-to-end offer that supports the full life-cycle of a medicine. From clinical trials to unlicensed to licensed and across an increasing number of territories, we have the global flexibility to meet the needs of all projects. The acquisition by Clinigen provides CSM with an expanded global footprint, benefiting our customers and creating a specialist Global infrastructure centered around benefiting our patients.


Added Value

To better serve your clinical sites and patients, CSM has an established network of globally approved partners. We collaborate with these organizations to ensure our clients have the best network of providers, manufacturers, depots, etc and the finest technology available. By combining our flexible internal resources with our partner network, we can tailor our solutions to each individual project, delivering timeline execution at reduced costs. With this model in place, our customers benefit from improved speed and efficiency throughout each step of the clinical supply chain.


Our Partner Network Includes:

  • Domestic and International Couriers
  • Thermal Packaging Providers
  • Global Depots
  • Comparator Drug & Ancillary Supplies Providers
  • Drug Product Manufacturers
  • CROs