Direct-to-Patient Services

Reinventing the clinical supply chain


Patient enrollment and retention can be a quite a challenge when dealing with homebound patients, an orphan indication, or a dispersed patient population. CSM has designed a direct-to-patient program, which is highly customizable solution per patient and per protocol.

We carefully design these projects to ensure our client and their contractors are following the guidelines of GCP. Our team creates an individual logistics plan for each patient location to ensure smooth delivery and compliance. CSM is carrier neutral and our logistics pre-planning ensure your products are delivered at the right temperature and within the right guidelines. 

Throughout each stage of the supply chain, CSM adheres to HIPAA compliances, protecting patient health information. 

Direct-to-Patient Benefits

  • Gain Access to a Wider Patient Population
  • Increase Patient Enrollment and Retention
  • Reduce Patient Trips to Clinical Sites
  • Use of Integrated Couriers Sites

When used in conjunction with On-Demand Packaging and Labeling, CSM is able to dispense daily dosing for a product that has a very short shelf life. These innovative services are truly setting the pathway for personalized medicine.

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"I've found things go smoother with CSM than any other distributor whom I've worked with. I've commended potential clients when they have indicated their intention to use CSM for their projects. Thanks for providing me with reasons to recommend CSM and being both easy to work with and responsive."

Service Leader, Randomization Systems, CRO