Customized Clinical Supply and Biological Sample Services

A Smarter Approach to Clinical Supplies Management

At CSM, we clear your path toward clinical trial success. Our agile approach and all-in-one clinical supply chain solutions ensure speed without compromise. Your trials are fast, waste-free, and always within your time frame.

Global and Focused

Global and Focused

CSM is the only global company truly focused on clinical trial supply services.

Agile by Design

Agile by Design

With 300 employees on five sites, and with our own proprietary ERP systems, tools, and IT specialists, CSM is agile by design.



CSM innovates to make clinical trials more efficient and reliable with specialized services and solutions.

We’ve Revolutionized On-Demand Supply and Packaging

We’ve Revolutionized On-Demand Supply and Packaging

We are the first clinical supplies management solution to provide both the packaging and labeling of clinical supplies upon request. Combining these functions reduces costs and shortens timelines for even the most complex international studies.


We Personalize Your Clinical Supplies Management Program

We adapt our services to meet the exact needs of your study, which we oversee from start to finish: from logistics planning and inventory control to packaging and labeling and project budgeting.

Find the Right Clinical Services Management Partner

Find the Right Clinical Services Management Partner

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Clinical Supply Services

Phase I to Phase IV Clinical Trials Support

Clinical Trial Supplies

  • Primary and secondary packaging and labeling
  • QP release
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • Project management
  • Coordination of transportation
  • Sourcing drugs
  • Ancillary supplies

Biological Sample Management

  • Design and assembly of sample collection kits
  • Biological sample logistics
  • Biorepository

Overcoming Obstacles:
Clinical Supply Success Stories

“On behalf of my team, I would like to express our sincere thanks to CSM for your extraordinary work and dedication. We would not have been able to meet our clinical program goal without your heroic effort.”— Vice President of Technical Operations, BioPharma Company

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