On-Demand Innovation

Revolutionize the Way You Manage Your Supply Chain

We recognize the packaging and labeling obstacles you face, from time constraints to study changes that cause re-work and waste. With the On-Demand method, you are able to shorten timelines, reduce costs and increase the flexibility of your study.

On-Demand focuses on actual enrollment, allowing your company to start a clinical trial in just a few weeks. On-Demand is the packaging and labeling of clinical supplies specifically for and immediately prior to each shipment request. Additionally, your shipment request will be processed within 48 hours.

Our On-Demand services include bottling, patient kit assembly and label application. Like traditional packaging and labeling, On-Demand is performed under cGMP conditions and diligently follows the requirements of 21 CFR 211 and Annex 13.

How On-Demand Works:


  1. Request -An IWR/IVR requests specific kits/blocks via fax or e-mail. We can also customize this process in the event you aren't using an IWR/IVR.
  2. Dispense - The requested kits are packaged and labeled upon receipt of the request under cGMP conditions and are 200% checked for accuracy before release with an additional 100% oversight and final release by Quality Control.
  3. Ship – Within 48 hours of Request, CTM is shipped overnight to study sites in a protocol specific pack out.

The On-Demand Difference:

  • Eliminate Re-Work
  • Reduce Drug Waste
  • Eliminates Need for Packaging Campaigns
  • Accommodates Change with Quick Turnaround
  • Reduces Storage and Inventory
  • Makes Adaptive Trials Possible