Comparator Drug and Ancillary Supplies Sourcing

A More Efficient Way to Outsource

When you work with CSM, you gain access to our global network of suppliers and wholesalers who are all carefully selected and qualified. Whether you need marketed drugs, syringes or dousing spoons, we strive to meet any customer need by providing customized sourcing programs.

Our employees have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide our clients with the information they need to help manage comparator and ancillary supplies – a crucial element to the clinical supply chain. This service simplifies process management, saving our clients time and money while providing fast turnarounds.

  • Best Pricing
  • Availability Assessment
  • Longest Shelf Life Possible
  • Logistics Coordination and Temperature Controlled Shipping
  • Controlled Drug Coordination
  • Inventory Monitoring to Ensure Supplies are Available for Packaging
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