Cold Chain Logistics

Simple, Efficient and Safe Shipping

CSM has an extensive list of available packaging, labeling, storage and distribution services for your temperature-sensitive products worldwide.

We work closely with each client to develop a customized logistics plan that will meet your studies exact needs. Our validated shipping systems provide safe and efficient solutions along the entire supply chain.

Cold Chain Solutions:

  • Temperature-Controlled Trucks
  • Pallet-Sized Temperature-Controlled Shippers
  • Validated Re-Usable Shippers for 96 to 120 Hours
    • Temperature Range of 2-8°C, -20°C and -50°C
  • Dry Ice (-70°C) or Gel Pack Shippers (2-8°)
  • Cryogenic Shippers
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""I've found things go smoother with CSM than any other distributor whom I've worked with. I've commended potential clients when they have indicated their intention to use CSM for their projects. Thanks for providing me with reasons to recommend CSM and being both easy to work with and responsive.""

Service Leader, Randomization Systems, CRO