About Us

Committed to the Advancement of Clinical Trials

Since 1997, we’ve been providing innovative solutions to meet the complex clinical supply challenges pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face. Our team manages the clinical supply chain for hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, providing services that keep clinical trials on time and on budget.

CSM offers a full suite of cGMP-compliant services, continually delivering quality supplies to clinical sites and patients around the world. From Phase I all the way to large Phase III projects, we have the flexibility to meet the needs of all projects regardless of size and scope. Our customer-centric approach, revolutionary processes and state-of-the-art clinical services increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve outcomes for clinical trials of any size or scope.

Some of our main clinical services include packaging and labeling, storage and global distribution, controlled drug services, clinical supplies consulting, returns, reconciliation and destruction. In 2001, we introduced the On-Demand platform, a new way of packaging and labeling clinical trial materials (CTM) for a specific subject or block subjects, upon request.